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What is unique about Christ-Life Resources?

The Christ-life is a focused pursuit to be with God relationally, recognizing Jesus as your life, and trusting Him to live His life through you. It’s called different things in different circles. Some people call it the exchanged life or the relational life. Some people call it your new life in Christ, grace walk, liberated living, or even just the normal Christian life.

Regardless of what it’s called, you can recognize it in conversation through familiar statements: Christianity is not about doing; it’s about being. Christianity is not religion; it’s relationship.

Christ-Life Resources offers biblically based, Christ-centered resources to individuals, churches, and ministries who desire to disciple people through the challenges of life while emphasizing the Christ-life. Many groups offer biblical resources. Many counselors offer Christian advice. Christ-Life Resources is distinct in that it offers resources that emphasize knowing God and allowing Him to live His life through us.

When these truths begin to take hold in Christians’ hearts, it’s the starting point of so many other changes. There is exponential growth as God changes their character from the inside out. The Bible comes alive in ways they’ve never known. People tap into the strength of God that sustains them during the darkest times. They awaken to a life of joy that circumstances cannot disrupt. Worship comes alive. Relationships come alive. The promises of God come alive.

For many people, it will be the first time in their Christian experience that they’re living the words of Christ: “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36).