Where do I start?


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It’s not uncommon for someone to step into a counseling office and say something such as, “My marriage is in trouble. My teenagers are rebelling. I don’t feel as though God is hearing my prayers and, unless things change quickly, the bank is going to foreclose on our house.” At that point, the big question becomes, where do you start? Do you address the marriage problems? Do you address the struggles in prayer, the rebellious teenager, or the financial meltdown?

While that example may seem extreme, it’s by no means rare. When people are going through difficult times, it doesn’t matter if they have one big issue or ten smaller problems, they still need a place to start. They need a sure foundation on which to build. They need to see the first step. They need to have hope that things can be better.

We want to provide that starting place for you. Regardless of what you’re facing, there are two critical pieces to start the process. The first is to know there’s hope. The second is to understand how the Gospel applies to your situation.


Here is our suggestion to get the most out of this site.

Step 1: Read the one page article entitled Is there any hope? People who have hope are willing to walk through the process of healing to receive the help they need.

Step 2: Read the one page article entitled What is the Gospel? The Gospel is not just the good news that saves; it is the good news that sanctifies. For non-Christians, it is the entry point to healing through Christ. For Christians, it is the focal point that brings the truths of God’s Word into focus and helps us apply these truths correctly. We never outgrow the Gospel. We grow into the Gospel.

Step 3: Choose a heading from our top bar that best fits your particular need. There are three main headings: Relationships, Crisis and Trials, and Growth in Christ. Click on the tab that fits your need and you will see numerous downloadable PDF’s that share God’s truth for your situation. Download as many as you would like. Share them with friends. Use them in small groups and counseling. This site is a resource intended to help people walk through the ups and downs of life in a biblical, Christ-honoring way.

Step 4: If you do not find an article that applies, please send us the topic and we will prayerfully consider making it a resource in the future.