Bracy Ball, B.A.

Contributor and Content Editor

Bracy was raised in Cushing, Oklahoma, graduated from Evangel College in 1966 as a math and history major, and later studied Greek and Hebrew at Talbot Seminary. Bracy ministered four decades in pastoral positions in five churches. During that time, he also served ten years as vice president of operations for the Biblical Counseling Foundation (BCF) headed by Dr. John Broger, a 20th century biblical counseling pioneer. Bracy is one of the authors of Self-Confrontation, a BCF discipleship manual used throughout the world. He taught discipleship and biblical counseling seminars in the USA, Europe, and Africa and was chosen as a delegate to the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in Manila, Philippines, in 1991. Now over 70 years of age, Bracy is the president of with ongoing writing responsibilities. He and his wife Raylene were married in 1971 and have two children and seven grandchildren.